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Automate your unstructured data.

Unlock the value of unstructured data and transform your critical business processes with the Instabase Platform.

Trusted by global enterprises to transform their business processes end-to-end with future-proof technology.
Problems We Solve

The Unstructured Data Problem

Important insights that enterprises require to serve customers and make decisions are buried in silos in huge volumes of data like invoices, physical contracts, applications, and more. Yet, 80% of enterprise data remains unstructured, and traditional approaches have failed to move the needle towards true automation. Unlocking this insightful information means transforming the customer journey — from onboarding to borrowing.

What if you could automatically understand unstructured data that came into your organization—from emails and statements to customer data and contracts?

What We Do
The Horizontal Application Platform for Unstructured Data

Unlock unstructured data

Understand data in any format, from any source, with deep learning.

Build powerful customer solutions

Build end to end customer solutions in record time with toolkits to add business logic and integrate with downstream systems.

Accelerate at enterprise scale

Save, share, and discover pre-packaged solutions to solve critical problems at scale in your enterprise.

Solutions Customers Have Built with Instabase
Instabase is powering solutions that drive revenue and transform the bottom line across industries - from Banking and Insurance to Healthcare and Federal Government.
Revolutionize how you serve customers and transform the cost base.
  • Accelerate time to market

    Enable customers to join your business faster and improve time to value by more quickly rolling out new services to customers.

  • Improve customer experience

    Serve customers more effectively, be right the first time and reduce frustrating handoffs.

  • Reduce cost to delivery

    Reduce the cost base by automating manual review and creating priority queues for live validation.

  • Reduce decision making time

    Make decisions quickly and meet customers needs as they happen, keeping their business moving.