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Instabase combines the latest AI breakthroughs with industry expertise to create real value for your business.

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Why Instabase

Bridging the gap between AI research and business solutions

Conventional technologies in automation and machine learning have failed to deliver the value and traction for enterprise transformation. While the research community has achieved game-changing breakthroughs in AI, they remain out of reach at the operational level, preventing enterprises from scaling mission-critical processes.

The Instabase Platform breaks this paradigm by making it easy to apply the latest advancements in AI to your business processes for real enterprise-wide transformation. 

The intelligence layer for the enterprise

Instabase provides a platform for building, running, and distributing intelligent solutions that can process any type of input, implement custom business logic, facilitate human review at every step, and integrate with industry-specific systems to support business decisions.

Get going faster with pre-configured solutions from the Instabase ecosystem or rapidly develop new ones with the latest AI technologies.

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